Harder, Daddy.

I've been a bad grrl.

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23. Lesbian. 99% Submissive.

imthecats-meow said: I know you have a Daddy but I just wanted to say that I think you are so beautiful! Your Daddy is so lucky!

awww thank you! :)

letsdothatnastystuff said: How do you balance the daddys grrrl persona with being a lesbian? do you call your lover daddy? I am intrigued!

it’s really not that difficult. i call her daddy all the time, in bed and out. daddy is totally her personality so it wasn’t hard to get used to. it’s not like she pretends to be a man or anything like that, being a daddy, in my opinion, has nothing to do with gender. it’s a persona, and it’s definitely hers.

sagan-indiana said: So many good posts!

thank youuuuu. :)

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cmdsecrets said: I think you're wrong about that babygrrl. You're a dom girl for me.

only for you. :)

nyamhn said: Hey are you and your daddy on FetLife?

she’s not, but i am.

in--cauda--venenum said: You have a lovely face and a fabulous blog. <3

Ahhh thank you so much! :D

bonniebigheart-deactivated20120 said: What is an ideal date for you? What is your favorite food? What's an embarrassing moment that you look back on and laugh hysterically at?

Date, would probably be coffee. I love coffee and talking to people over coffee is easier than talking over dinner or something like that. Food, ahhh that’s a hard one. I love all kinds of food… I wanted to be a chef for a long time. But sushi has to be my favorite. And the last part… It’s not something I’d post publically on my blog but Daddy know’s what I’m talking about. She still gives me shit for it hahaha.

coastofbarcelona said: Ya make me wish either I was a girl or you were into the dick.

Well I’ll take this as a compliment and say thank you. :)